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<h2 class="title-2">Disclaimer</h2><p>Under no circumstances can the information contained in the Comité Interprofessionnel de la Pintade (CIP)&nbsp; <a href="http://www.legrif">www.legrif</a> website be considered of the same category as services offered or advice given by their authors and publishers. Nor can it be used as a substitute for consulting a professionally competent person and it is provided for your information only.</p><p>The only obligation of the CIP is to provide due care concerning the information it makes available to people accessing its website.</p><p>Although we took all necessary actions to ensure the reliability of the information contained on this website, on no account may the CIP be held liable in the event of errors and omissions, or for the result of whatever use is made of this information. Clicking on hyperlinks may lead you away from our website to another server, in the search for information. You should be aware that Yellowcake has no control over these. We remind every Internet user that it is up to them to take all the appropriate measures to ensure that their data/software is protected from contamination by any viruses circulating on the web.</p><div>&nbsp;</div><h2>Intellectual Property</h2><p>This site and its content are protected, in accordance with the French Intellectual Property Code, and in particular all copyright, design and trademark rights.</p><p>In application of the French Code of Intellectual Property and, more generally speaking, of the international treaties and agreements containing provisions related to copyright, you may not copy or, reproduce (except privately), sell, distribute, republish, display, adapt, modifier, post, transmit, exploit, create derivative works or otherwise use any of the materials or works protected by copyright on the <a href=""></a> website, in any form or by any means, without the prior written authorization of the CIP, or the respective intellectual property rights owner.</p><h2>Credits&nbsp;</h2><h3>Design and multimedia production:</h3><p>Yellowcake concepts</p><p>24 rue de Siam</p><p>29200 Brest</p><p>Tel: + 33 2 98 49 02 53</p><p>Fax: + 33 2 98 49 44 27</p><p>Website:</p><h3>Hosting company:</h3><p>Yellowcake concepts</p><p>24 rue de Siam</p><p>29200 Brest</p><p>Tel: + 33 2 98 49 02 53</p><p>Fax: + 33 2 98 49 44 27</p><p>Website:</p><h3>Photos:</h3><p>Getty Images &ndash; CIP &ndash;&nbsp;Savel &ndash; Jean-Claude Amiel &ndash; JB Lafitte &ndash; Sphère Conseil &ndash; Thinkstock - Phileas</p><div>&nbsp;</div><h2>Protection of private data</h2><p>In compliance with articles 39 et al. of the &ldquo;Informatique et Libertés&rdquo; law No. 78-17 (data protection act), dated 6 January 1978, concerning data processing and privacy, any person can have access to information concerning themselves, and request that this information be modified or deleted by contacting the Grif.&nbsp;For legitimate motives, anyone can also object to the processing of private data concerning themselves.</p><p>To exercise your rights, please send us a letter to: Committee Interprofessionnel de la Guinea Fowl - CS 14226 - 35042 RENNES Cedex.</p><p>Publications manager: Jean-Louis Zwick - Chairman of the CIP</p><div>&nbsp;</div>