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Thierry Bryone, Restaurateur At Rennes

Cooking guinea fowl is nothing but pleasure.

The guinea fowl is good poultry. It has been reared for at least 11 weeks when I cook it. The breeders are careful to feed it well. It is raised in wild conditions where it can roam freely and develop.Many people find it confusing, but the guinea fowl is different from the chicken. The guinea fowl's meat is delicate, tasty and slightly resembles game. It is nothing but pleasure.The way it is cut is also important. You need to use a well-honed fine bladed knife. Once cooked, just cut it delicately between the thigh and the...

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Michel Roth, Chef At "L'espadon" at the Ritz Place Vendôme, Paris

I believe it to be top quality poultry

Is it easy to cook?Yes, because it can be cooked traditionally or using more original flavours: spices, citrus fruit and even pistachio and truffles. I combine guinea fowl breasts with dried fruit: apricots and figs, which I roast. This results in tender pieces with a sharp flavoured juice. The guinea fowl can be served in any season – in summer with herbs, in autumn with mushrooms. What do your customers think?Enjoyed by gourmets, we often give it pride of place in our suggestions. It is also of increasing appeal to our...

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